Vision & Mission


To be an internationally-recognized leader in global business education, scholarly excellence, and collaborative community engagement.

Our Mission


  • To serve our diverse student and alumni population, our multicultural business community, and the global community of scholars by advancing business knowledge and sharing expertise.
  • We prepare our students to succeed as responsible global citizens in a dynamic, technology-driven business climate -creating a growing legacy for our alumni.
  • We serve the business community through professional education, collaboration, and research – strengthening regional and local industries while providing qualified graduates who can tackle the demands of today's complex business environment.
  • We conduct innovative research — nurturing our faculty& intellectual growth and developing the talents of future scholars.

Short Term Goal

  • To pay attention towards student’s culture & personality development.
  • To concentrate on MBA students core curriculum.
  • Explore the students with extracurricular activities.
  • Check out the special programs like CSR, Guest lectures , workshops
  • To develop state of the art library for MBA Students.
  • To strengthen industry Institute partnership & increase number of campus placements.
  • To improve managerial skills of MBA students by giving real world exposure.
  • To promote MBA students for entrepreneurship.
  • To arrange regular FDPs to enhance teaching skills of MBA Faculty members.
  • To get University Project for research Purpose from  BCUD 

Long Term Goal

  • To maintain highest standard of quality education.
  • To achieve A+ Grade in NAAC Accreditation.
  • To increase & maintain industry – academia partnership.
  • To maintain high standard of campus placements for MBA students with topmost industries.
  • To develop young dynamic entrepreneurs through state of the art education.
  • To make department of International standard.
  • To create future leaders in the field of Management.
  • To inculcate value education & ethics in MBA Department